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Academic Reinstatement for Pullman Students

Washington State University expects students to make satisfactory academic progress toward their degree objectives. Undergraduate students are in good academic standing if both their current WSU semester and cumulative grade point averages are at least 2.00 (Please note that higher GPA may be required for certification or graduation). Students not meeting these requirements are considered academically deficient and will need to apply for reinstatement for continued enrollment.

Who needs to apply for Reinstatement?

  • Current students whose semester or cumulative GPA are below 2.0 for the first time.
  • Academically Deficient students returning who were academically deficient, dismissed, or recessed before leaving WSU.

The goal of reinstatement process is to provide support and resources for WSU students to help them achieve future academic success. Through the reinstatement process, students will create a well thought-out plan with academic goals and  take the necessary steps to achieve them.

Cost of Application

  • Applying for reinstatement for the first time under Rule 38: $75.00
  • Returning after being academically recessed under Rule 38B: $75.00
  • Applying for reinstatement for the second time under Rule 38: $75.00
  • Returning after being academically dismissed under Rule 39: $75.00
  • Returning after being academically dismissed under Rule 41: $75.00
  • Appealing dismissal under Rule 41: $75.00

Applying for reinstatement is mandatory to enroll for Fall or Spring semester.  Reinstatement is NOT required for Summer enrollment. Please note that the reinstatement application is separate from the Admissions Application and the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) appeal.

Academic Regulations 38a, 38b, 39, and 41 Governing Academic Reinstatement

Rule 38aUndergraduate students whose semester (excluding summer session) or cumulative grade point average drops below a 2.0 for the first time must apply for reinstatement to continue their enrollment at Washington State University.  

Rule 38B: First-Time, first-year undergraduate students are recessed from the University after their first term of enrollment if their semester grade point average is below 1.0 Individuals are recessed from the university for one full semester (Fall or Spring).

Rule 39: Undergraduate students are dismissed from the University after the third semester (excluding summer session) in which the cumulative grade point average is below 2.0. Individuals who are dismissed from the University may not enroll in courses at WSU, including online and branch campus courses, for two full academic semesters. 

Rule 41: An undergraduate student who has been reinstated after becoming deficient under Rule 38 or 39 will be on academic probation. Students on probation who fail to comply with the conditions of their probationary enrollment will be dismissed from the University.

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