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SEOTY 17-18 Jackie Baltazar



2017-2018 Student Employee of the Year- Jackie Baltazar

Jackie Baltazar’s presence in the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology provides a friendly atmosphere to visiting students and staff who know they can rely on her as a trusted employee who strives to help everyone who comes through her door.

 “I really like this job,” Baltazar said. “It doesn’t feel like a job because I want to be here.”’

Baltazar has been the face of the department for the past two years as a clerical assistant. She has earned the department’s respect through her hard-work, endearing attitude and warm smile. Because of this, Jackie has been elected Washington State University’s student employee of the year for 2018.

“When I mentioned I wanted to nominate Jackie,” said Dana Torgeson, Administrative Manager and Baltazar’s supervisor, “several (faculty and staff) offered to write her a letter in support. She is so well liked that everyone wants to see that she is rewarded for her dedication and hard work.”

“It’s really nice to know that my work is valued and to be recognized for all the things I have done,” said Baltazar, from Los Angeles.

Baltazar’s duties started off with basic administrative tasks, but the staff soon realized Jackie was capable of handling much more.

“I feel like I’ve learned a lot,” Baltazar said, who took over managing the department’s website. “I’m not very tech-savvy but I just kind of did trial and error.”

She now manages the website, data entry, editing and much more proving herself to be an indispensable employee.

“She has definitely set the standard for all future undergraduate students to live up to,” said Faith Lutz, Ph. D., Professor and graduate director, Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology.

On top of her work-load, Baltazar also interns with the Department of Social and Health Services, Children’s Administration in Colfax. Baltazar graduates in May and will pursue her masters at Eastern Washington University in social work.


“She has a welcoming attitude and a willingness to help others, regardless of the amount of time or work she has,” said Craig Hemmens, J.D., Ph.D. Chair and professor, Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology.

Her humble attitude and attention to detail are noticed by everyone in the department who appreciate her personal approach to every task she handles.

“Jackie is a huge asset to the department,” said Tina Krauss, academic coordinator for Undergraduate programs at the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology. “She will be greatly missed when she graduates.”



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